Smart headlight system lets drivers see through rain and snow

Smart headlights

I am sure everyone has noticed when driving through a pounding thunderstorm or heavy snowfall at night that your headlights illuminate the maelstrom of raindrops or flakes more than they shed light on the road ahead. This safety hazard can be greatly reduced by anticipating the movement and velocity of the drops or flakes and shining the headlights into the spaces between them, according to a team of researchers who’ve built just such a “smart” headlight system.



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More than a third of all digital photos taken in a year are on Facebook

facebook photos

The volume of photos on Facebook are 10,000 times larger than the Library of Congress.

One picture may be worth a thousand words, but Facebook photos could be worth 140 quadrillion words, which is equal to 140 billion photos — more than a third of all digital photos taken in one year.


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Breathtaking photos of the night sky seen with the naked eye


Photographer Alex Cherney has dedicated his life’s work to capturing the night sky.

A star-gazer with just an ordinary digital camera has come a little bit closer to the final frontier.   – Alex Cherney spent 18 months photographing the night sky and turned thousands of snaps into incredible time-lapse video of the cosmos. (Pics)


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Revolution Self Recharging Digital Camera to End Charging Woes

self charge camera 2345

The camera Revolution is about to begin.

While on the move, what if any of your gadgets, such as a phone, laptop or iPod, run out of energy? Since it’s not always possible to carry a charger everywhere you go, what one can do wait for a power supply nearby. So, if such a situation arises, you can’t do much but wait till you get back home to pump life into your gadgets. But Revolution designed by Carl McGreavy is here to change this theory. Revolution is a self recharging digital camera which will get all the powers to function by a Dynamo…

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20 Modern Engineering Marvels

20 Modern Engineering Marvels 

Technology is taking such rapid strides forward at such a blurring pace that what is considered a marvelous novelty turns into a mundane common object within no time. To classify and bunch a set of man-made marvels from a world that is being constantly altered is a pretty tough job. Finding them is easy enough in a world filled with man-made wonders but the relevance of such a compilation will be short-lived compared with a list from the ancient world. Yet we embark on a journey across the planet and beyond to try and find out the best the world has to offer—our own creations that leave us in awe. We limit ourselves to finding the biggest, tallest or the highest as otherwise we would probably never end the journey we began. It is a journey filled with variations and grand delights in a spectacular way. So, have a fun ride…

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A Digital Camera That You Can Throw


Thow Away, Throw Away, Throw Away, FLEE!


This looks like it could be a lot of fun. The Flee Digital Camera is designed specifically to take photos after you’ve launched it into the air. The casing for the camera actually looks like it was inspired by some of the fancier balls made for playing fetch with your dog.

The Flee is bluetooth enabled and will transmit the photos it takes directly to your cellphone. No word on the size and quality of the pictures or on what the usable range away from the cellphone is.

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