self charge camera 2345

The camera Revolution is about to begin.

While on the move, what if any of your gadgets, such as a phone, laptop or iPod, run out of energy? Since it’s not always possible to carry a charger everywhere you go, what one can do wait for a power supply nearby. So, if such a situation arises, you can’t do much but wait till you get back home to pump life into your gadgets. But Revolution designed by Carl McGreavy is here to change this theory. Revolution is a self recharging digital camera which will get all the powers to function by a Dynamo…

The exceptional camera will exploit a series of gears to make this possible. When someone using it turns around the dynamo by spinning the camera with their fingers, it gets charged. This extra charge allows capturing a few more moments. The shape of the camera is high on functionality. The camera can be rotated without difficulty owing to the perfectly placed ring. As all the weighty components have been shifted to the right side, it gives the camera a pendulum like effect. Revolution comes in six charge ring colors and eight different case colors. So, one can easily mix and match to get a camera according to his/her taste.

Revolution will make sure that you don’t miss on capturing any moments that life has to offer just because of a low battery life!