The big freelance skills needed as companies rebuild after COVID 19


Over twenty two million Americans lost their jobs in a little less than a month due to COVID 19. It took the Great Depression more than four years to achieve an equivalent level of unemployment.

Millions of freelancers around the world have also lost critical project and consulting work; many clients have closed up shop. Gigsters have struggled to make a living as companies focus on conserving cash, reducing non-essential expense, and planning for an uncertain post COVID 19 world.

So, it made sense to ask freelance platform CEOs and thought leaders this question in our series, the freelance revolution during COVID 19:

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France proposes to tax the internet

France proposes an internet tax on American companies collecting personal data.

France is seeking new ways to raise funds.  Because of frustration with American technology companies that dominate its digital economy which are largely beyond the reach of fiscal authorities, France has proposed a new levy.  They are proposing an internet tax on the collection of personal data.




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