YouTube Enlists Help for Music Rights Management


YouTube gets help keeping up on all the music it deals with.

YouTube has just sealed a deal with RightsFlow, a music publishing rights management company.

RightsFlow today announced an agreement with YouTube to assist with music rights management. The deal allows YouTube to enlist RightsFlow’s help in processing and managing music rights, and it should help the online video company to make rights administration a lot faster and simpler, which would in turn drive royalties for rights-holders, including publishers and songwriters…

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Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation

Economic Crisis Is A Driver Of Innovation 

Frenchman Dimitri Gauer poses with his invention, the ‘crustacean peeler’

Crisis is the mother of invention, if one believes the bright sparks behind the gizmos, contraptions, novelties and potions at the international inventions exhibition in the Swiss city of Geneva.

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