New method neuters your dog without removing his testicles

This is great news for dogs and dog lovers: there is a new method to sterilize male dogs without surgery! It’s called Esterilsol, a solution of zinc gluconate, L-Arginine and water that is shot into the dog’s scrotum.

The method—also called zeutering—will sterilize your dog within a month. It has now been approved for 10-month and younger dogs in the United States. So far, about 300 dogs have been neutered in this way…

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YardPup and Paw – the ultimate poop scoop


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

Big dog or small, the YardPup holds it all. When doody calls, you need to keep your puppy’s yard clean, tidy and sanitary! The YardPup is designed to hold open standard grocery store type bags while the Little Paw helps you scoop, whisk or scrape the doggie doo into the bag. The Little Paw is specially designed as a 4-in-1 rake, scraper, chipper and flipper to work on all surfaces (grass, mulch, rock beds, and patios) in any climate or weather, including ice and snow.


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Don’t Sleep With Your Pet, You Make Catch Something

sleeping with pet

You could get sick letting your pet sleep with you. 

Letting sleeping dogs lie in your bed can make you sick, research suggests. Pet owners may increase the chances of contracting everything from worms to the bubonic plague. Of the 250 known diseases transmitted from animals to humans, more than 100 of them come from domestic animals, researchers say.


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