Human birth rate declines, people turn to pets

Colorado has more than 1.1 million dogs and not quite 350,000 children under 5 years old.

Don’t worry about the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Earth is far more likely to become the “Orb of the Dogs” demographically,  as human fertility rates plummet for a slew of reasons, including canines substituting for kids in many households.



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DARPA to use brain scans to recruit the smartest military dogs

DARPA plans to pre-select the smartest recruits using newly available brain-scanning methods.

Long before Rin Tin Tin, dogs have been been an important part of military operations—from bomb-sniffing to supply-delivery. But training military working dogs is an expensive and time-consuming process. Anyone who’s spent any time trying to get a dog to even follow the “sit” command knows that some dogs are sharper than others.



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Dogs could lower stress at work and improve morale


Researchers studied 75 people at a manufacturing company where each day for a week 20 to 30 people were allowed to bring their dogs to work.

Bringing a dog to work could come with practical difficulties, but a trial at an American company suggested it improved people’s job satisfaction.

Dogs have skills equivalent to 6-month old babies


Dogs who were spoken to or who had direct eye contact with a person were more likely to follow that human’s gaze.

Some dogs have the skills of a 6-month-old baby, according to a new report in Current Biology. Man’s best friend not only responds to the words and ministrations of humans, dogs can understand and anticipate the intentions of their people, researchers are reporting.

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Military dogs suffer PTSD just like humans

army dog

More than 5 percent of the approximately 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are developing canine PTSD.

Many soldiers leave the battlefield suffering deeply painful psychological traumas after returning home. And unfortunately, the same pattern of psychic trauma seems to apply for the dogs that help provide essential services for military men and women.


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Leash Locket – retractable leash magnetically snaps to your dog’s collar


Featured invention at the Davinci Inventor Showcase 2011

An innovative retractable dog leash designed to fit into a compact, incredibly strong locket that snaps to a magnetic collar attachment when not in use, allowing your dog to carry the leash when you want hands-free convenience.


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New birth control pill… for dogs


Should dogs be on birth control too?

Both the ASPCA and Humane Society strongly encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their furry friends to prevent overpopulation (and a dearth of homeless puppies, sad face). It shouldn’t really be a surprise, then, that there is a less invasive option in the works. But let’s face it, it’s kind of a crazy idea, right? Not so, according to a group of scientists in Arizona…

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