‘Cord Frayers’ cut back on cable TV but up digital video viewing

Almost half of all US internet users stream TV content through an internet-connected device.

Marketers are familiar with cord cutters—consumers who have traded in their cable TV packages for internet-steamed TV and video content but they should also be aware of “cord frayers.” Cord frayers make up a segment of consumers who have downgraded their cable TV packages instead of cutting the cord completely. Not surprisingly, doing so has affected cord frayers’ TV and online video viewing behavior.



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Social media draws more viewers to live tv


Live-tweeting supports live tv viewing.

Social media is bringing dramatic changes to nearly every aspect of the TV business. Viewers are using Facebook and Twitter to comment about shows before, during and after they air. Television networks, grappling with the fragmentation of their audience, are experimenting with mobile apps, Twitter promotions and branded social networks in an effort to bring viewers back together. And a variety of other stakeholders are getting in on the social action as well.


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World’s Smallest Spy Camera

World’s Smallest Spy Camera 

Spy Camera With DVR

We don’t like buying the idea of swallowing tiny cameras down our gut. But when medical scientists come up with strangest of illness-detecting aids like the swallowable cameras, we stand but with no alternative. This tiny ping-pong-ball-like camera here is no med-gadget, and so we don’t intend the former; it’s a 128 MB Flash Memory spy cam. Hyped as the world’s smallest spy camera with a DVR, this is capable of seeing you secure through the gravest of security predicaments. The spy camera with DVR comes equipped with a rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery and USB connectors, it captures images at 30 FPS, supports an external Micro SD card, all this at 320×240 resolutions. The spy camera with DVR is available for retail at $359.99 while the sale price is $259.99, available at SpyVille.


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Study: Video Will Soon Consume One-Third of Each Day

Video Will Soon Consume One-Third of Each Day

Pretty soon TV watching will become so all-consuming that we’ll have to do it in our sleep

US Internet users ages 12 and older surveyed in June 2008 spent 6.1 hours daily with video-based entertainment, according to Solutions Research Group’s “Multiplatform Video Report.” They concluded that about four hours per day were spent on traditional television, including live, digital video recorder (DVR) and video-on-demand (VOD) viewing. Video games, Web and PC video, DVDs and video on mobile devices accounted for the balance of video entertainment hours.

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