COVID-19 Transforms Out-Of-Home Advertising


Economic crisis and pandemics like these breed incredible opportunities and this is one such opportunity for the OOH advertising industry to relearn and transform.

Who would have thought while welcoming 2020 that it would change the definition of life, from fighting the daily rat race, combatting Monday blues to being confined in our homes with our families having real conversations, and cherishing those little things that we all took for granted in a free world. The ongoing pandemic has slowed us down, given us time to introspect on a lot of things and re-imagine our lives and businesses.

Looking back at my 12 years of entrepreneurship in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry, reading well-articulated pieces on digital transformation and its impact across various sectors and our daily lives, as Reliance says “JIO Digital Life”, I feel it’s time when technology is going to transform old businesses and give life to new innovations creating a world which is more digital and connected than ever before.

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The Fed doesn’t believe in a V-shaped recovery and neither should you


The Fed is warning of several risks to the economic recovery process including damaged labor market dynamics and the potential for a long and deep recession.

Don’t underestimate COVID-19 and the global scale of the economic crisis.

We see the risks for stocks as tilted to the downside and expect a correction lower driven by a rotation out of the mega-cap tech leaders.

The FOMC met this week for its first Fed funds interest rate decision since the two emergency cuts in March. As expected, the policy rate was left unchanged at 0% with the markets focusing more on the various relief measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic and now looking ahead towards the economic rebound.

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