The Fed doesn’t believe in a V-shaped recovery and neither should you


The Fed is warning of several risks to the economic recovery process including damaged labor market dynamics and the potential for a long and deep recession.

Don’t underestimate COVID-19 and the global scale of the economic crisis.

We see the risks for stocks as tilted to the downside and expect a correction lower driven by a rotation out of the mega-cap tech leaders.

The FOMC met this week for its first Fed funds interest rate decision since the two emergency cuts in March. As expected, the policy rate was left unchanged at 0% with the markets focusing more on the various relief measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic and now looking ahead towards the economic rebound.

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Putting sidelined cash to work to help move the economic recovery

There are other ways to generate a return on capital—and help move the economic recovery.

Over the past 24 months It is well known that America’s largest companies have been stockpiling cash over at alarming rates. It has been estimated from $1.5 trillion to $2.8 trillion. And at first blush, who can blame them? With interest rates at historic lows, market volatility, political uncertainty, the European crisis, severe commodity price fluctuations, and other unpredictable market conditions, corporate brands and executives have been understandably inclined to sit on the sidelines.



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How Startups are key to the economic recovery


Despite the promise brought by the latest round of successful IPOs and rallying public markets, the news continues to be filled with headlines around the possibility of a “false recovery.” Europe’s continent-wide recession and expanding debt issues, rising oil and gasoline prices, an only-modest improvement in the unemployment rate, and the “moderate” growth predicted by the Fed continue to leave people feeling uneasy about the state of the economy. With the underlying and systemic issues still present in the financial sector, some even believe that we could see something akin to the recession of 2008 happen all over again.

But there is one segment that remains very bullish about the future of the economy and where signs of improved growth and economic stability can be found. This “hope” for our economy is in the entrepreneurs who start small businesses — the innovators and dreamers who believe that against all odds they can build something better — create something from nothing, and drive change in the world…

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