Edible batteries could power smart medicine pills

A flexible biodegradable battery just may be what the doctor ordered.

What happens when you forget a dose of medication your doctor has prescribed for a condition that relies on the timed delivery of your medicine? Enter the smart pill, a sensor-equipped capsule that you only need to take just once. The smart pill releases medicine on a schedule or as your body needs it. But what would power that pill? The answer is simple: an edible battery.



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WikiCells – edible food containers

edible food container

Edible food containers.

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute’s Dr. David Edwards is the man behind the controversial (as in, the FDA plans to investigate its safety) breathable caffeine and other vitamins, has been working on a new futuristic food item: edible containers. They’ve already created tomato containers with gazpacho inside, among other treats.

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