We should start taking artificial intelligence seriously


AI is no longer just for technology companies.

Intelligent machines have arrived, only they don’t look at all like we expected. They aren’t HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and they certainly aren’t Scarlett Johansson’s disembodied voice in “Her.” Intelligent machines are more akin to what happens when insects, or even fungi, do when they “think.”



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XKeyscore – new NSA tool sees “nearly everything” you do online

The XKeyscore software collects the contents and metadata from emails, online chats and Web browsing history for virtually anyone.

A Guardian report has revealed that NSA training materials openly said that the XKeyscore system, which it says formed a significant part of its PRISM surveillance activities disclosed by Edward Snowden last month, collected massive amounts of data, including the contents and the metadata of emails and chats.



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TXTBlocker: Stops Texting While Driving



TXTBlocker is a software and online service combo which locks off a registered mobile phone from making or receiving text messages or calls while in a car. It uses cell and GPS data to determine location and speed and decide whether the phone is actually in a car, and once it thinks it is, boom, the service is automatically limited.


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