‘Nothing is Impossible’ – World’s Smallest Engraving on the Edge of a Razor Blade

world's smallest engraving

The world’s smallest engraving by human hand has been completed on the edge of a razor blade.

Graham Short etched the motto “Nothing is impossible” which measures just a tenth of a millimetre.  The letters are invisible to the naked eye, and can only be read with a medical microscope at 400 times magnification.


Club Workshop – Open Access Workshop Club

Club Workshop - Open Access Workshop Club 

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 

Do you create? Are you an inventor?  Do you build things? Do you work on your own car? If you are any of the above than you’ve got to check out Club Workshop!  Denver’s first open access workshop club, featuring equipment, facilities and training for a wide variety of personal projects and interests; from automotive to electronics, inventing to prototyping, woodworking to metalworking.

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Zing: Laser Engraving Made Easy

Zing: Laser Engraving Made Easy

 This laser wants to be your friend

Deceptive boring office scanner looks aside, the Zing Laser from Epilog Laser makes laser engraving a piece of cake. Connecting to your computer just like a printer, the Zing uses Corel Draw to engrave any image on wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, cork, Corian, glass, and even treated metals with the laser. The Zing Laser has 25 watts of power; an all-metal, air-cooled laser tube, and several standard features such as Air Assist and a motorized engraving table that makes calibration a swift affair. Video after the jump.

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