Exploding holiday tree ornaments


BANG! Color.

If you’ve had about enough holiday cheer for one year, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Photographer Alan Sailer likes to shoot Christmas ornaments with a high-powered pellet gun and photograph them with a high-speed camera as they explode into a million shiny pieces. Bah-humbug, indeed!

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1 Millisecond into a Nuclear Explosion


The very start of a very big bang.

Allegedly, this is a photograph of the beginning of a nuclear detonation. It was taken in 1952 during the Tumbler-Snapper tests in Nevada. At this point, the fireball is about sixty-six feet across. How was the photographer able to get a shutter speed fast enough to do it?

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Photo of the Only Atomic Bomb Ever Detonated in Space


Exploding nuke in space.

Since we’re coming up on the Fourth of July, and towns everywhere are preparing their better-than-ever fireworks spectaculars, we would like to offer this humbling bit of history. Back in the summer of 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in outer space, some 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. It was a weapons test, but one that created a man-made light show that has never been equaled — and hopefully never will. Here it is: (video)

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Are You Prepared For Carbonated Yogurt?

carbonated yogurt 122
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz, carbonated dairy drink!
Carbonated yogurt? That’s the kind of crap you’d expect astronauts to eat as a last resort when supplies are low and a Donner Party mentality is starting to creep in. When General Mills introduced this heinous product, they couldn’t even bring themselves to call it yogurt. Instead, it was called Go-Gurt Fizzix, which, we presume, roughly approximates the sounds your stomach makes in the moments after consuming the stuff and just prior to hanging a food rope in your toilet.

Mystery Of The Milky Way’s Particle Accelerators Solved

Mystery Of The Milky Way’s Particle Accelerators Solved

Image of part of a stellar remnant whose explosion was recorded in 185 A.D.  

Thanks to a unique “ballistic study” that combines data from ESO’s Very Large Telescope and NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have now solved a long-standing mystery of the Milky Way’s particle accelerators. They show in a paper published today on Science Express that cosmic rays from our galaxy are very efficiently accelerated in the remnants of exploded stars.

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Cool Liquid Nitrogen Videos


Dry ice vs. soap 

I’m sure we all still fondly remember sitting in our high school science classes, marvelling at how cool liquid nitrogen is. I mean, it freezes anything in seconds – what’s cooler than that? You’ll be surprised – in this week’s video selection we take a look at some of the even cooler things that you can do with liquid nitrogen!

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