Farmer Creates First Ever Banana-Shaped Shallots

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Hey look! Nanner shaped shallots.
A farmer has created the first-ever shallot to be on British soil – shaped like a banana. Dedicated John Rowswell has invested ten years and thousands of pounds into engineering the popular vegetable by painstakingly cross-pollinating plants. But finally the bendy bulb – named the ‘Barrington Banana’ after the village where he lives near Ilminster, Somerset – is ready to hit the shelves…

Farmer Builds 36ft Meerkat Sculpture From Bales Of Straw

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The Meerkat Stands Tall in Rural Nantwich
Proudly looking out over motorists in rural Nantwich, the statue is built on a 6ft base and has lights in its eyes.

Each year, staff at Snugburys Ice Cream Farm, Hurleston, celebrate the summer with a new design. Director Chris Sadler and his wife Cheryl come up with the ideas and the creations are made by Mike Harper, who builds a steel skeleton which is then stuffed with hay.


Chinese Farmer Builds Homemade Helicopter

chinese helicopter maker 432

Made out of wood and a motorcycle engine. Look up, then look out!

20 year old Chinese farmer Wu Zhongyuan built himself a helicopter using only — according to the man — what he remembers of middle school physics lessons and “relevant knowledge found whilesurfing the Internet via my mobile phone.”

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