Chicken farms turn to oregano as a substitute for antibiotics

Chickens at Bell & Evans eat feed laced with oregano oil.

Anyone visiting Bell & Evans these days will notice the smell of oregano wafting for Scott Sechler’s office.  The smell is so strong that visitors will wonder whether Sechler has quit the production of chicken and gone into the pizza business.



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151 Materials in Food or Feed Have Been Blacklisted by China

blacklisted additives

China is waging a prolonged and stringent fight against the illegal use of additives in food.

151 materials forbidden or abusable in food and feed over the past nine years have been blacklisted by China, according to figures released by the food safety committee under the State Council, or China’s Cabinet.


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How to Make Your Own Twittering Toilet

The Twittering Toilet

An odd way to draw attention to your next movement

Mike Newell:  It seems everyone is finding things to twitter about these days. politicians, celebrities, and marketing firms to name a few… Despite the recent popularity of twitter, the masses seem to be missing a trend which I find very interesting. Twitterizing common household objects! In recent months people have come up with some very creative ideas for turning the most mundane household accessories into high tech Internet updating devices. There’s a toaster that updates twitter, a chair that monitors farts, and plenty of other examples of twitterage and geekery. I thought to myself, why not present a part of our lives that most of us are utterly repulsed by? Why not find something the hoi palloi find generally disgusting and add it to the interweb? (Pics)


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“Grandma’s Penicillin” May Help Lower High Blood Pressure

“Grandma’s Penicillin” May Help Lower High Blood Pressure 

 Chicken Soup – “Grandma’s Penicillin”

Chicken soup, that popular home remedy for the common cold sometimes known as “Grandma’s Penicillin,” may have a new role alongside medication and other medical measures in fighting high blood pressure, scientists in Japan are reporting. Their research is scheduled for the October 22 issue of ACS’ biweekly Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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Scent-Emitting LCD Displays Used To Enhance Restaurant Advertisements



A company in Japan called Recruit Co Ltd. is using a unique system to lure people into the restaurants and cafes in the underground mall of the Tokyo Station. Developed by NTT Communications Corp. the system emits appetizing aromas that correspond to a video advertisement being shown on a 42-inch LCD display. The idea is that passers-by will be attracted by the smells, wander over to the kiosk to watch the advertisements, and then take a coupon book which will hopefully bring them into the restaurants.

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