Millennials see financial institutions as irrelevant


Millennials are looking for ways to live bank-free in the future.

Scratch polled 10,000 millennials to find out which industry was most prime for disruption. The results from the poll found that banks make up four of their top 10 most hated brands, but millennials increasingly viewed these financial institutions as irrelevant.



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The dark hours before the storm: “Margin Call”

Hollywood’s scripts always call for a protagonist. Margin Call has none.

Raymond Alvarez: The film Margin Call has to be regarded as a distorted reflection of reality. Just as Michael Douglas stood before a soon-to-be-fired audience in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, declared greed good, rationalization has become a mainstay. At the end of the day, we’re just cannon fodder.



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Foreign banks turn away U.S. millionaires


UBS, the world’s biggest non-U.S. private bank, said in 2008 it would discontinue offshore accounts for U.S. citizens.

Some of the world’s largest wealth-management firms are wanting American millionaires to go away ahead of Washington’s implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, known as Fatca, which seeks to prevent tax evasion by Americans with offshore accounts. HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Singapore and DBS Group all say they have turned away business.

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Seed Capital Boot Camp – How to Find Investors for Your Business

Seed Capital Boot Camp - How to Find Investors for Your Business 

 Yes, there is still money out there for investment!

Seed capital is the early stage money needed to get most businesses off the ground. It is considered a high-risk investment, but one that can reap major rewards if the company becomes a growth enterprise. This type of funding is often obtained in exchange for an equity stake in the enterprise, although with less formal contractual overhead than standard equity financing.

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Dark Days Ahead for Green Energy

Dark Days Ahead for Green Energy 

 Workers inspecting solar panels at an OptiSolar plant in California amid layoffs.

Wind and solar power have been growing at a blistering pace in recent years, and that growth seemed likely to accelerate under the green-minded Obama administration. But because of the credit crisis and the broader economic downturn, the opposite is happening: installation of wind and solar power is plummeting.

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