Incredible Opening Ceremony as China Celebrates the Shanghai World Expo 2010

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Visitors to the Spanish pavilion are greeted by a gigantic animated baby

Shanghai celebrated the opening of the 2010 World Expo today with a lavish display of fireworks, fountains and laser lights.  Like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the event showcased China’s growing economic and geopolitical sway. (Pics)


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Astonishing Burj Dubai Opening Fireworks

Forget about any Olympics inauguration ceremonies or any Fourth of July: The Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world, and it got the highest fireworks too for its opening ceremony. So colossal you’ll think they are destroying it…

China Digitally Fakes 2008 Olympics Fireworks


According to the Beijing Times, 55 seconds of the televised Olympics 2008 firework display? Completely fake:

Anyone who saw the opening to the Bejing Olympics would agree that the fireworks display was exceptional, but those watching at home were tricked into thinking what they saw was real, when some of it was actually CGI.

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Eco-Friendlier Fireworks May Be Exploding Soon


Anatomy of Environmental Impact

A firework is a low explosive pyrotechnic used for entertainment such at firework displays and holiday celebrations (4th of July, New Years, etc). Brilliant in color and explosively loud fireworks bring smiles and joy to people all over the world, but as beautiful as they are to watch there is some concern that fireworks may be dangerous to our health and to our environment. Continue reading… “Eco-Friendlier Fireworks May Be Exploding Soon”