On-demand amenities are making all travel feel like first-class


Travelers can use their mobile device to remotely control a digital advertising panel with ‘Tap or Scan’ technology with oOh!media.

VIP comforts and conveniences were previously only available to elite travelers, but they are now being made available to anyone, on-demand. Whether having a private workspace directly in front of the gate, connecting with a personalized shopper during a layover or renting a mobile device to hit the ground without missing a beat, these services and amenities are designed to help people maximize their enjoyment and productivity at every stage of their trip.


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‘First’ – British Airways Creates New Luxurious First Class Cabin


British Airways First

British Airways is showing off their new first class cabin. Simply named First, the new cabin includes a personal wardrobe, a bed which is almost half again as wide as the previous one, leather-bound writing table and personal electronic blinds and is being installed on a B777 which flies from London Heathrow to Chicago O’ Hare. Seats are 60 percent wider at the shoulder and the lighting system is designed to recreate the subtlety of natural light throughout the day to help you feel more relaxed.


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