Travelers can use their mobile device to remotely control a digital advertising panel with ‘Tap or Scan’ technology with oOh!media.

VIP comforts and conveniences were previously only available to elite travelers, but they are now being made available to anyone, on-demand. Whether having a private workspace directly in front of the gate, connecting with a personalized shopper during a layover or renting a mobile device to hit the ground without missing a beat, these services and amenities are designed to help people maximize their enjoyment and productivity at every stage of their trip.


These new services are part of a larger trend PSFK calls “On-Demand Amenities.” This trend is part of a larger framework describing how PSFK sees the Future of Travel.

As part of this, travelers are looking for more ease on the ground, and as free luxuries disappear from in-flight travel, a new outcropping of comforts such as sleep and entertainment are being made available before check-in and at low cost. Additionally there is an added level of comfort in this convenience, whereby consumers are paying more in order to have access to exactly what they want, when they want it. Small conveniences with equally small fees can be seen as great luxuries to consumers who travel.

A recent example is a new campaign for Google utilizing NFC and QR codes has been rolled out by oOh!media in Australia. To promote the Google Play store, they placed NFC-enabled billboards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports that let travelers select and interact with content, and pay to download it directly onto their phones. Travelers can use their mobile device to remotely control a digital advertising panel with ‘Tap or Scan’ technology. They could then download books, movies, music and apps before they got on their plane using the free airport wi-fi and enjoy them during their flight.

Another good example is Explora, which is a mobile rental service for international travelers visiting the United States. For a daily flat rate fee of $8, travelers are provided with a Nexus 5 phone with unlimited nationwide calling, text messaging, 4G data and the use of over 40 pre-loaded apps. Phones reserved in advance are delivered to the traveler’s hotel or residential accommodations and are returned via outgoing mail in pre-paid envelopes. Busy travelers of all budgets can afford to be productive throughout their travels, without having to search around for local SIM cards or Wi-Fi coverage or pay exorbitant roaming fees.

 ‘The Future of Travel’ highlights some of the major new trends taking place in air travel, and the technologies that are helping us get there. Download the full report here, as well as on Slideshare.