Cities Offer Revenue Guarantees to Persuade Airlines to Expand


Harrisburg International Airport is going to negotiate revenue guarantees with airlines in the future by hiring a company to help them.

According to a recent article on, when you type ‘airline’ and ‘revenue guarantee’ in a major search engine and you’ll find articles about airports nationwide that have used and are using revenue guarantees to expand or preserve air service.”


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Trouble For Travelers As More Passengers Getting Bumped From Flights


Passengers wait in line at a Southwest Airlines tcket counter

Carriers trying to fill planes to the max routinely overbook flights to account for no-shows, leaving some travelers without seats. But those bumped passengers have rights.  Based on the numbers, America’s major airlines are doing a better job of getting us to our destinations on time and with our luggage in tow — assuming we can get on the flights.

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Where Russian Supersonic Jets Go To Die


Some parts of the plane still work!

Tu-144 which first flew on 31 December 1968 (two months before Concorde) is the fastest supersonic commercial airliner ever made. Despite the similarity of the Tu-144 to Concorde, there were significant differences in the control, navigation and engine systems. The Tu-144 was in some ways a more technologically advanced aircraft, but in areas such as range, aerodynamic sophistication, braking and engine control, it lagged behind Concorde.  A total of 16 airworthy Tu-144s were built, Aeroflot had only made 55 scheduled passenger flights with their Tu-144s before they put them out of service.  (PICS)

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