Floating city of modular, eco-friendly pyramids is now enrolling citizens


Pierpaolo Lazzarini envisions wayaland, a floating city made of modular pyramids that offers different living and entertainment facilities including hotels, shops, spas, gyms, bars and cinemas. completed with solar panels and water turbines for energy supply, the project aims to provide a new offshore living experience within a self-sustainable community.

The main waya pyramid comprises different modules that overlap on a floating 54 by 54-meter basement, offering a total surface of about 3000 m2. The basement includes a large entrance for boats and a reception, while the part of each module submerged underwater stores engines, equipment, additional energy sources and generators. dividing the height in ten different floors with a total surface of 6500 m2, the complete waya reaches a maximum height of 30 meters from the waterline.

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