Google Glass-wearing gamblers will be banned at Caesars Palace

Gamblers at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will not be allowed to wear Google Glass.

Caesars Palace, the world famous Las Vegas casino, has confirmed that patrons won’t be allowed to wear Google Glass when gambling. Previous statements had indicated that the heads-up display would be permitted on the casino floor as long as it wasn’t being used to film. However, a Caesars Palace representative said that there would indeed be a Glass ban for gamblers in accordance with Nevada state laws.


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Kids who love video games have brains like gambling addicts


Can heavy gaming be considered an addiction?

Some children’s brains could be hard-wired to spend hours playing video games, according to a study which reignites the debate over whether the habit should be considered an addiction. Researchers found that children who spent an excessive amount of time playing the games had an enlarged area of the brain which is the main hub of the reward system.

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