Google Glass-wearing gamblers will be banned at Caesars Palace

Gamblers at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will not be allowed to wear Google Glass.

Caesars Palace, the world famous Las Vegas casino, has confirmed that patrons won’t be allowed to wear Google Glass when gambling. Previous statements had indicated that the heads-up display would be permitted on the casino floor as long as it wasn’t being used to film. However, a Caesars Palace representative said that there would indeed be a Glass ban for gamblers in accordance with Nevada state laws.


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Kids who love video games have brains like gambling addicts


Can heavy gaming be considered an addiction?

Some children’s brains could be hard-wired to spend hours playing video games, according to a study which reignites the debate over whether the habit should be considered an addiction. Researchers found that children who spent an excessive amount of time playing the games had an enlarged area of the brain which is the main hub of the reward system.


Vultures In South Africa Pushed Into Extinction By Gamblers Who Smoke Their Brains For Magic Powers

Vulture_brain 76453
Dried Vulture Brains Are Being Smoked By Gamblers
South Africa’s vultures are being pushed into extinction by gamblers who believe smoking their dried brains will give them special powers, wildlife organisations have warned.

While British fans study the form book and the back pages, some South Africans believe the “muti” magic will help them predict football match results. And they are hoping the World Cup will be a great opportunity for a big win. However…

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Magic Carpets In Las Vegas Designed To Stimulate And Fire Up Gamblers

vegas carpet 123

You are wide aweke…You have plenty of money to gamble more…

Las Vegas is well-known for being the city that never sleeps as gamblers are encouraged to spend their money around the clock.

Now a new set of photographs has revealed that even the garish carpets that line the hotels and casinos have an important part to play…

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Top Ten Con Games


Unlike most kinds of petty crime, a confidence game, or con, takes an enormous amount of skill and forethought to pull off. When done right, in many cases the grifters who perpetrate them have not actually done anything overtly illegal–they’ve simply used lies and manipulation to get their victim, or “mark,” to willingly hand over their own money. Whether blackmail, fraud, or illegal gambling, the following are ten of the most famous ways that these swindlers try to take advantage of the confidence of their unsuspecting victims. Obviously, there are a number of takes on any kind of con, but these are the most popular variations of the most well known tricks.


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Recreate The Thrilling Gamble Of Using eBay By Playing The eBay Slot Machine


Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, MI, has a giant eBay-themed slot machine. Technabob wanted to give it a spin…

By the time I managed to stumble my way over from the buffet line, the eBay slots were so busy that I didn’t even manage to donate my money to them. … From what I could tell, they’re those typical nickel slots with tons of perplexing jagged lines which must match up in order to pay the big bucks. Of course, unlike the real eBay, there’s no guarantee that the highest bidder will win anything.

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Study: Naltrexone in Alcohol Curbs Gambling Urge

 Study: Naltrexone in Alcohol Curbs Gambling Urge

 Gambling addiction is a serious problem, and this is something casinos will hate

A drug found effective in alcohol addiction also curbs the urge to gamble, according to a study.

Seventy seven people participated in the double-blind, placebo controlled study. Fifty eight men and women took 50, 100 or 150 milligrams of naltrexone every day for 18 weeks.

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Introducing the iDeal – Robotic Poker Dealer


Say “hello” to Mr. Robotic Poker Dealer

The iDeal automatic poker dealer gets rid of all your suspicions that the house is trying to cheat you. It uses infrared sensors, looking for bike reflectors mounted on stands, to determine how many players are at a table and ultrasonic detection to know how far to throw a card to them.

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