Gamblers at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will not be allowed to wear Google Glass.

Caesars Palace, the world famous Las Vegas casino, has confirmed that patrons won’t be allowed to wear Google Glass when gambling. Previous statements had indicated that the heads-up display would be permitted on the casino floor as long as it wasn’t being used to film. However, a Caesars Palace representative said that there would indeed be a Glass ban for gamblers in accordance with Nevada state laws.


“Nevada gaming regulations (and those in other states, as well) prohibit the use of computers or recording devices when gambling. As a result, we cannot allow guests who are gambling to wear Google Glass.”

“There have been numerous incidents around the country in which people have used computers or cameras secreted elsewhere to keep track of cards in blackjack games,” a spokesperson told Computerworld. “When they were caught, they went to jail.”

Glass doesn’t make it obvious when the wearer is recording video — there’s no red LED indicator or anything similar, though the tiny screen is always on while filming and could raise suspicions among those looking closely. In any case, it’s not surprising that Glass would be banned alongside traditional cameras, but the hoards of people descending on Las Vegas for CES next January may wish to take note of the regulations nonetheless.

Photo credit: Epica Travel

Via The Verge