Gandhi Peace Symbol Made Into Diesel

Respectfully Converted to Bio-diesel
A pet elephant that once belonged to Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi and was given as a symbol of peace and friendship to the people of former Yugoslavia has been turned into diesel.

The 42-year-old Indian tusker – called Sony – died two months ago of heart failure and the plan to turn the enourmous corpse into bio diesel was agreed on after a special park task force was set up to work out how best to work out what to do with the body of the prízed symbol of peace and friendship.


Gandhi Auction


Bring some inner peace with some items straight from Gandhi

A relative of Mahatma Gandhi made a last ditch appeal to the government Monday to stop the iconic resistance leader’s personal effects, including trademark round glasses, from being auctioned off.

The latest appeal from Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, came as New York-based Antiquorum Auctioneers said plans to sell a watch, a pair of sandals, a plate and bowl plus the glasses would go ahead this week. Continue reading… “Gandhi Auction”