Price of brand-name drugs rises sharply

Brand-name drug prices rise sharply while generic drug prices plummet.

Brand-name prescription drug prices are rising faster than the rate of inflation, while the price of generic drugs has plummeted, creating the largest gap so far between the two,according to a report published Wednesday by the pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts.



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Nationwide shortage of ADHD drugs prompts hundreds of calls daily to the FDA


Shortages of medicines like Ritalin and Adderall are so endemic that some patients say they worry almost constantly about availability.

Drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are in such short supply that hundreds of patients complain daily to the Food and Drug Administration that they are unable to find a pharmacy with enough pills to fill their prescriptions.

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How To Detect Olympic Cheats

How To Detect Olympic Cheats 

Athletes using performance-enhancing drugs can’t stay ahead of detection methods for very long.

Athletes aren’t the only ones racing against the clock this week in Beijing. A team of skilled scientists is working 24 hours a day at a drug-testing lab in Beijing’s Olympic Sports Center, analyzing approximately 4,500 blood and urine samples for banned substances. Their work is part of an ever-evolving arms race between scientists and sports cheats who try to stay one step ahead of the latest detection methods.

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