Growing trend among young singles who treat pets like girlfriends and boyfriends

Lucy, a 1 year old Burmese Mountain dog and her owner Alfred Pretrone.

There’s “something special” about Lucy, says Alfred Pretrone about his female companion. She’s good-looking, “chill” and she makes the stress melt away at the end of a long day. But Lucy isn’t Mr. Petrone’s girlfriend. She’s his dog.



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Young couples share everything including passwords


It has become fashionable for young people to express their affection for each other by sharing their passwords.

Boyfriends and girlfriends have long signaled their devotion to each other by various means — the gift of a letterman jacket, or an exchange of class rings or ID bracelets. Best friends share locker combinations.

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Testosterone Determines Who We Fall For

 Testosterone Determines Who We Fall For

So, what do your testosterone levels say about you?

Our level of hormones plays a key role while we choose a mate as high testosterone in women makes them more attracted to masculine actors such as Daniel Craig, with men favoring the femininity typified by Natalie Portman, researchers said on Monday. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen’s Face Research Laboratory say that changes in testosterone levels affect the extent to which men and women are attracted to different types of faces.

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