Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails with a new feature called Smart Compose — here’s how to turn it on


One of the best announcements that came out of this year’s Google I/O was a new Gmail feature called Smart Compose, which can autocomplete entire emails for you.

Unlike many of the other announcements from Google I/O, Gmail Smart Compose can actually be switched on and used right now. It’s all part of the new Gmail experience that Google has been rolling out to customers.

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Google announces Google Drive for Work with unlimited storage for businesses

google drive

Google Drive for Work will cost $10 per month and come with unlimited storage.

Google just announced a new product that will offer business users unlimited storage for a set monthly fee per user. This brings huge implications for Dropbox, Box, Hightail, and other companies that charge to store files online.



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Spam decreases 82% since last year


225 billion emails were sent per day in July 2010.

There was a whole lot less spam sent today than there was a year ago. The graphic above illustrates how there were more than 225 billion spam emails sent per day in July, 2010.  It also shows in June, 2011, that number has dropped to approximately 40 billion. That’s an 82.22% decrease in spam over a year.


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China Accuses U.S. of Launching Global ‘Internet War’

Google China

Chinese military academy scholars urge tougher policing of the Internet.

On Friday, the Chinese military accused the U.S. on of launching a global “Internet war” to bring down Arab and other governments, redirecting the spotlight away from allegations of major online attacks on Western targets originating in China.


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Under 25’s Abandoning E-mail for Social Networking Sites

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan got together via email in the 1998 film ‘You’ve Got Mail.’ Now they would likely use Twitter.

Many scoffed when Mark Zuckerberg declared the death of email last month. Now new figures reveal that the Facebook founder may be right.  Just like cassettes, videos and faxes, the use of email appears to be in an irreversible decline.


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Google Gmail Adds Free Phone Calls in U.S. and Canada


Google Gmail to roll out phone calls from email accounts.

Google has confirmed that Gmail users in the USA and Canada will be allowed to make phone calls direct from their email accounts. The “Calls from Gmail” service will begin to roll out this week, and will allow free calls to American and Canadian numbers “for at least the rest of the year”. Low rates, which could be as low as two cents per minute to Europe, China and Japan, will also be available for international calls.


The Best Start Pages

child at computer 111

Your start page is the first thing you see when you open your browser or load a new tab—your gateway to the rest of the web. Get the most from your start page with one of these five favorites.

Whether the start page you’re using is your browser’s default or you’ve carefully selected it, checking out these five contenders for best start page will give you a chance to decide if your current start page serves your needs or if it could use an upgrade.

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Google Crash Affects Millions of Internet Users Worldwide

Google Crash Affects Millions of Internet Users Worldwide

The Google search engine was down for up to an hour  

Google suffered a temporary fault yesterday which left tens of thousands of internet users without access to the web search engine.  The technical problem brought down the company’s homepage and had a knock effect on Google-owned sites such as YouTube and some websites using Google ad servers.

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GMail Goggles Stops Inebriated Epistolary Spewing


That’s Easy, Gimme Something with TEETH!

A belly full of turpentine swilled rot gut, a drunken decadruple somersault down the slippery slope, a greasy slalom from one thing to another, and somehow, I’m blearily writing an inebriated screed to one Mr. Joel Johnson, subject line: “I QUIT, FAT BROOKLYN METRO-PUKE.”

It happens. Unfortunate, yes, but heretofore unavoidable. But Google’s latest addition to GMail plays defense between your impolitic inebriation and your friends and co-workers.

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Online Community Memberships Booming

 Online Community Memberships Booming

Online communities are forming at an amazing pace with 41% of those online
involved as a member of a some community

Large numbers of US Internet users joined online communities last year, and membership in such groups is now a mainstream activity.

Nearly half of US Internet users surveyed for the USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future’s “2008 Digital Future Project” report said they belonged to a hobby-oriented online community. A full 41% of respondents belonged to an online social community, and one-third belonged to an online professional community.

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