Tesla’s new solar roof will cost less and keep your house off the Grid all day

We all know that nature is a powerful force. I was reminded just how powerful after last week’s wind storm, when the next day I found shingles from my roof littered on the lawn. I’ve been driving around the last week, and observing all the damage that storm caused, getting quotes from roofers, dealing with insurance, and realizing that I was not alone. One contractor said that they received 300 hundred calls in one day. All that damage caused by one storm. My roof looks like it needs to be replaced, and by the look of the other roofs in my neighborhood, I am not alone. Which of course left me day-dreaming about upgrading to include the new Solar Panels being produced by Tesla and Panasonic in Buffalo.

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Nanosize batteries could revolutionize green energy

nano battery

The latest breakthrough in the search for lighter, more potent batteries is small battery made up of a billion nanopores, or microscopic holes capable of producing electric current.

Nanosize batteries that are 80,000 times thinner than a human hair could revolutionize green energy. They could advance the use of electric vehicles, now limited by short driving ranges, and of renewable energy, which needs storage for times when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

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Solar Traffic Light


By now we’ve all seen our fair share of green energy cars and devices, but there remains a dearth of public works-centric green tech innovations. Helping to fill the void of cool green-tech-meets-public-works design ideas, Taiwanese designers Cheng-Tsung Feng, Yao-Chieh Lin and Bo-Jin Wang created this solar-powered traffic light that easily could have emerged from the labs at Cupertino. (Pics)


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GreenCore 10200 Solar Air Conditioner Lets You Stay Green and Cool At The Same Time




Using solar power to run an air conditioner seems like one of those no-brainers that a six-year-old could figure out. After all, hot places are where you need AC, and they tend to be sunny most of the time, so why not marry the two together? Toyota has figured out that this idea would appeal to the Prius customers, so the new version has solar roof panels.

The problem is that air conditioners suck a whole lot of power, and you would need a bunch of panels to run just one unit. There might however be a way around that. Air conditioners cycle on and off with the temperature, drawing a fraction of the power when the compressor is off, so by adding batteries to smooth out the power demand, the peak load is greatly reduced.

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