World’s first 3D printed bullets fired in YouTube test


Homemade bullets are now part of the growing arsenal of 3D printed weapons. A Tennessee man recently posted a YouTube video demonstrating what kind of damage can be done (hint: a lot) by the plastic shell, created by 3-D-printing enthusiast Tony Griffy, as highlighted by the Daily Dot.



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‘The Liberator’ – world’s first entirely 3D printed gun

“The Liberator” 3D printed gun

“The Liberator,” a 3D printed gun made by Cody Wilson, the 25-year-old University of Texas law student who was the star of Motherboard’s documentary Click. Print. Gun. Wilson has built the prototype weapon and has released the CAD files for the gun to the public. Basically, anyone will then be able to print the weapon with no background checks or serial numbers.

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Futuristic speech-jamming gun immediately silences you whether you like it or not


This delayed auditory feedback device makes it all but impossible for a human to speak.

Humans have been inventing new uses for guns ever since the first one was invented.  Some guns shoot bullets; other guns shoot lasers. But a new gun that is a little strange and unsettling is being developed by Japanese researchers.  The new gun shoots sound waves in an effort to disrupt and silence anyone who dares speak out of turn.

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Bang! Lamp – You’ll shoot your light out, kid


Bang! Lamp

Bang! lamp by Bitplay is a pretty cool lighting accessory that lets you turn it on and off through a remote control that’s shaped like a gun. Pull the trigger, the light goes out and the lampshade actually tilts as if shot. It also works in reverse, though it doesn’t really make much sense that way. The gun is an IR controller and that dark band around the base of the lamp is the receiver. (Video)


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Is printing a gun the same as buying a gun?

gun printed graph2r342

A gun is a gun is it not?

There’s an interesting back-and-forth going on at Thingiverse, a site founded by Makerbot to share 3D projects. Two designers have made two parts for the AR-15 rifle platform. The first part is a standard rifle magazine complete with spring but the second part is AR-15 lower receiver.

Why are these parts important? Well, the magazine is just on the edge of Thinigverse’s implied (but not concrete) “no weapons” philosophy but the lower receiver is something else entirely. It is the only part of the AR-15 that you need a license to buy. Here’s what the creator, KingLudd, has to say about it…

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The Newest in Bulletproof Tech: T-Shirts

 bulletproof t-shirts 234

Scientists have developed a way to make T-shirt fabric reinforced with boron carbide, which is the same material used to strengthen military tanks. Boron carbide has a hardness just short of diamonds. Imagine that strength in a regular lightweight shirt!

To turn cotton bulletproof, researchers from the University of South Carolina and their collaborators from China and Switzerland dipped sections of regular T-shirts (Fig 1a) in a special mix of nickel and borate. After allowing the cotton to absorb the mix for 2 hours (Fig 1b), the textile was dried quickly in an oven and cured at a high temperature for 3 hours. Once ready, the pieces of cotton were placed in a furnace and headed at 1160°C for 4 hours while continuously aerated with argon. Finally, the resulting fabric pieces (Fig 1c) were cooled and analyzed using electron microscopes and a barrage of strength tests.

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