Chinese hospital introduces hands-free automatic sperm extractor


Automatic sperm extractor.

A hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, China, has introduced a new machine that makes sperm donation even easier- an automatic hands-free sperm extractor. Have scientists gone a little too far with this invention? (Video)



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Road trains are the future of hands-free driving


 Vehicle platoons (aka “road trains”) will allow software-equipped cars to automatically follow a professional driver in a “lead car”.

There will be platoons of vehicles lead by a professional driver that will let you take your eyes off the road and save fuel before cars are driven fully by computers.  By 2020 they will be on the road in Europe. (video)


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Hands-Free Faucets More Contaminated with Bacteria Than Conventional Faucets


Hands-free faucets germier than manual ones.

One of the main justifications for hands-free faucets may have just been taken through the wringer by a recent Johns Hopkins School of Medicine report. While one might reasonably expect manual faucets to be germier than those of the hands-free variety on account of all sorts of grubby hands coming into contact with the handle, the team in fact concluded that the opposite may be the case.


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EyePhone: Allows User to Control a Smart Phone with Eye Movement


EyePhone tracks a person’s eye relative to a phone’s screen, letting users activate applications by blinking.

It’s hard sending a text message with arms full of groceries or while wearing winter gloves. Voice control is one alternative to using your fingers, but researchers are also working on other hands-free ways to control mobile devices. A team at Dartmouth College has now created an eye-tracking system that lets a user operate a smart phone with eye movement.


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Nubrella: Ultimate Personal Weather Protector



The nubrella is designed for the 21st century. Nubrella exploits the fundamental limitations of today’s traditional umbrella while introducing a long awaited feature of hands free usage. Nubrella turned to the award winning design firm, Continuum. The result is an eye catching new aerodynamic design that many are saying is simply a better “mousetrap”.


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iFlyz Holds Your Mobile Device While Flying

iFlyz Holds Your Mobile Device While Flying 


Holding your mobile device in your hand is not exactly hard work, but it can get tiring and lead to hand strain as you browse the internet and play your favorite music while travellng on a plane. Using just a suction cup on a flexible rod to grasp your gadget, the iFlyz can take care of your iPhone for you as you surf the net or watch a movie hands free.

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Nikon Debuts Multimedia Headset

Nikon Debuts Multimedia Headset

Media Port UP

Nikon has unveiled the latest, and perhaps the best, in Borg wanna-be accessories called the Media Port UP. The multimedia headset allows users to view video (up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted playback), and listen to music (up to 270 minutes of uninterrupted playback) via its 4 gigabyte or 8 gigabyte internal harddrive. Other features include Internet browsing with WiFi access, a rechargeable battery, and embedded motion sensors for hands free operation (operates by moving your head up, down, left and right).

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