Study: Being a Happy or Sad Drunk All Comes Down to Your Genetic Makeup

sad drunk

Drinking can make you happy or sad depending on your makeup.

Scientists have discovered that some people physically get a buzz from alcohol while others find it makes them depressed. The discovery could explain why some drinkers become angry and upset if they get intoxicated while others become merry and silly.

Men Do Not Become More Grumpy With Age

grumpy old men

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men

Contrary to popular belief, men do not become more grumpy with age, new research suggests.  Rants by the likes of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in the movie Grumpy Old Men might suggest otherwise, but a study suggests it is younger people who have a more negative outlook on life.


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Happiest People Live In The Sunniest States


Researchers speculate sunshine hours are a factor in people’s satisfaction with life.

People in sunny, outdoorsy states —Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida — say they’re the happiest Americans, and researchers think they know why. A new study comparing self-described pleasant feelings with objective measures of good living found these folks generally have reason to feel fine. The places where people are most likely to report happiness also tend to rate high on studies comparing things like climate, crime rates, air quality and schools.


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Upbeat Music Creates Illusion That Everyone Around You Is Happy

Upbeat Music Creates Illusion That Everyone Around You Is Happy 

Experts say that listening to Girls Aloud can convince you that other people are in a good mood

Listening to cheerful music can be one way to put you in a good mood on the way into work.  But beware – it can also make you think that everyone else feels just as happy as you do.

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