The growth of free Wi-Fi is transforming life in Africa

wifi africa

Free hotspots are widespread in South Africa.

2014 is the “watershed year” for Wi-Fi, according to Ruckus Wireless. The company predicted the number of hotspots across the world would increase to 5.8 million by next year, an increase of 350 per cent from the number in 2011. (Video)



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32% Admit to Borrowing a Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

wifi hotspot

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit trade organization, offers tips on securely surfing the Internet at public hotspots and elsewhere.

It’s the digital equivalent of mooching a cup of sugar, only without asking. Some 32% of respondents to a recent national survey admitted borrowing a neighbor’s unencrypted Wi-Fi connection. That’s nearly double the 18% who said they borrowed Wi-Fi in a 2008 poll.


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