These are the 6 hottest jobs of 2020


New year, new job. Maybe even a new career. If you’ve been making promises like this to yourself for years, 2020 may be the time to turn them into reality. After all, with the unemployment rate the lowest it’s been in half a century, job seekers have the upper hand. Not only do employers have to work harder to gain their attention, but in some jobs they have to craft more attractive offers, too.

“Increasing pay is the simplest and most powerful way to attract and retain workers,” says Nick Bunker, an economist at Indeed Hiring Lab. “Money speaks, and it speaks pretty loudly.”

But that’s not the only good news: Hiring managers can’t afford to be as picky either, says Guy Berger, principal economist at LinkedIn.

“Employers who used to demand people who went to top-tier schools are now more open-minded,” he says. Not only that, but “hiring managers are much more receptive to individuals who need to grow into a job or want to try something new.”

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