Hulu and MSN caught using supercookies to track user data


Supercookies are not a good thing for the user.

The WSJ says that Hulu and MSN, among others, have been found using supercookies to monitor the info of those who visit their sites. Extremely difficult to detect and erase, supercookies can provide significantly more information than standard cookies.

Supercookies can be used to steal a users entire browser history, which can provide highly valuable information on their financial and health status. Microsoft claims they don’t know why supercookies were being used…

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The looming content battle between TV Everywhere & online streaming

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What are you streaming and how?

The TV Everywhere movement got another win Wednesday, as Fox announced that it will limit next-day streaming access to some of its programs to cable, satellite and Hulu Plus customers. This news, which comes a week after CNN and HLN’s TV Everywhere push, is just the latest example of the complicated relationship between television networks and the burgeoning streaming services game.

TV Everywhere, which Netflix’s Reed Hastings has referred to as his company’s “biggest competitor,” is gaining favor with content producers, like broadcast and cable networks…

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Are you ready to ditch Netflix? Here are six alternatives to renting videos


More than 12,000 — mostly angry — comments have been posted on Netflix’s blog since it announced the new plan July 12.

Netflix recently announced that customers would have to pay extra for unlimited online video streaming starting September 1 and many subscribers are an unhappy  bunch.  Currently, Netflix members can get unlimited streaming and unlimited (mailed) DVDs for $9.99 a month but under the new plan announced, members will have to pay $15.98 a month to get both services ($7.99 for unlimited streaming and $7.99 for unlimited DVDs).


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Amazon Takes On Netflix with Unlimited Video Streaming


Amazon has announced it will stream movies for free to people who subscribe to the e-tailer’s Prime service.

For years, Amazon appeared to be a big pushover when it came to delivering Web entertainment.

During the early part of the Internet Age, Amazon shipped CDs and DVDs to customers who ordered them via the Web and CEO Jeff Bezos’ company was synonymous with Web music and movies. Then Apple’s iTunes, and Netflix, laid waste to physical discs by delivering digital downloads or streaming video and Amazon quietly drifted to the back of the pack.


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First Time in Modern History Number of Americans Paying for TV Falls


This is the first decline since tracking began in the early 1980s.

Television is dead. Long live television. For the first time in modern history, the number of Americans paying for television subscriptions has fallen, as a new generation of technology and the recession takes hold. Research from industry specialist SNL Kagan shows that the entire US paid television industry lost 216,000 customers in the three months to June, having gained 378,000 customers in the same period last year.

StreamTransport Grabs Hulu Videos for Offline Viewing


Windows: It may not stick around that long once the powers that be find out, so if downloading and watching Hulu videos offline could help you out, grab StreamTransport. The tricky little app provides full-quality captures of streaming shows and movies.

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