The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat


The Jetson prototype can pick up on a unique cardiac signature from 200 meters away, even through clothes.

Everyone’s heart is different. Like the iris or fingerprint, our unique cardiac signature can be used as a way to tell us apart. Crucially, it can be done from a distance.

It’s that last point that has intrigued US Special Forces. Other long-range biometric techniques include gait analysis, which identifies someone by the way he or she walks. This method was supposedly used to identify an infamous ISIS terrorist before a drone strike. But gaits, like faces, are not necessarily distinctive. An individual’s cardiac signature is unique, though, and unlike faces or gait, it remains constant and cannot be altered or disguised.

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Chinese ‘Gait Recognition’ tech ID’s people by how they walk



In this Oct. 31, 2018, photo, Huang Yongzhen, CEO of Watrix, demonstrates the use of his firm’s gait recognition software at his company’s offices in Beijing. A Chinese technology startup hopes to begin selling software that recognizes people by their body shape and how they walk, enabling identification when faces are hidden from cameras. Already used by police on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, “gait recognition” is part of a major push to develop artificial-intelligence and data-driven surveillance across China, raising concern about how far the technology will go. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

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Wal-Mart to Track Clothing with Radio Tags But This Raises Privacy Concerns


A Wal-Mart employee uses a handheld scanner to read EPC labels on men’s denim jeans.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to roll out sophisticated electronic ID tags to track individual pairs of jeans and underwear, the first step in a system that advocates say better controls inventory but some critics say raises privacy concerns.


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Virtual Detective To Run Identity Parades

officer garcia

Officer Garcia, coming to an ID parade near you

A major cause of miscarriages of justice could be avoided if computers, rather than detectives, guided witnesses through the identification of suspects. That’s according to Brent Daugherty at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and colleagues, who say that too often officers influence witnesses’ choices.


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‘Acoustic Fingerprints’ Can Be Used For Identification

‘Acoustic Fingerprints’ Can Be Used For Identification 

iPods and mobile phones could be fitted with antitheft devices that detect ‘acoustic fingerprints’ so they only work when they are being used by the registered owner

Researchers have discovered that they can identify individuals from the faint sounds made deep inside the human ear and are now developing security devices using the technology.

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How We Identify Letters

How We Identify Letters 

The next time you are reading a book, or even as you read this article, consider the words that you are seeing. How do you recognize these words? Substantial research has shown that while reading, we recognize words by their letters and not by the general shape of the word. However, it was largely unknown how we differentiate one letter from another.

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3M Mobile ID Reader

3M Mobile ID Reader 

 3M Mobile ID Reader

This new 3M Mobile ID Reader could soon be used at events or in situations that require tight security. The idea is that it would scan your identification quickly to prove that you are who you say you are. Then you can be on your way in no time. It works like a credit card scanner and it would be used to scan things like your Visa card or passport, cross checking that info with watch lists of those who are threats.

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