How a breast milk antibody plays an important role in infant gut development


Breastfeeding is an important strategy to ensure a healthy balance of good bacteria in an infant’s gut.

 Babies have legions of microbes that set up shop in their guts, skin, and more right from birth. These microbes are vital. They help the growing human to digest its food, and to keep harmful microbes away. They are so important that newborns temporarily suppress their own immune system to give their microbial partners a chance to establish themselves.



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Cost of child care more than college in much of the U.S.

Putting a baby and a 4-year-old into a child care center cost more than the annual median rent in every single state.

It is no surprise to parents that child care costs are getting costlier and costlier, according to a new report.  It costs families more to put an infant in a child care center than to cover tuition and fees at a public college in more than half of the states, according to a new analysis by Child Care Aware of America, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on child care access.


Infant and Maternal Mortality Rates Increase in India


India’s infant and maternal mortality rates lag  behind.

At the beginning of this millennium in year 2000, 189 countries and 23 international health agencies had pledged to reduce child under-5 mortality by two-thirds and maternal mortality by three-fourths by 2015. These were called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) number 4 and 5. With only five years left for the target year, a clutch of international health agencies and NGOs have come out with ‘‘Countdown to 2015 — Decade Report (2000-2010)”.

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How To Make Breast Milk Cheese At Home

breastmilk 1423
Step one. Obtain human breast milk.
Yes, you read that right. Chef Daniel Angerer has come up with a recipe for you to turn that liquid gold into something yummy you can spread on a cracker and serve up to your friends.If you dare to try it yourself he lists a step by step guide to making the cheese on his website.  It should be noted that he used both cow’s milk and human milk to make the cheese so you will only have to give up 2 cups of the good stuff for the recipe.

Baby Monitors of the Future Could Translate Infant Cries


Technology could soon identify why baby is crying.

Babies change their cry to signify if they are hungry, sad or even in pain, and technology could soon identify which, scientists believe.  Identifying the changes could lead to the development of baby monitors capable of diagnosing an infant’s complaint, they claim.


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Derek Paravicini: The Musical Genius



Born 3-and-a-half months prematurely, Derek Paravicini was so small that his doctor presumed that he was dead. Just as his mother had given up hope, she heard the faintest whimper. To keep him alive, he was put on oxygen but improper equipment left him blind and autistic. At the tender age of 2 years old, Derek discovered the piano, and his life was never the same.

Fast forward 30 years. Derek couldn’t tell his left from right and could barely count to ten but his brain is a perfectly programmed musical computer.

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Children’s Speech Development Harmed When TV On In Background

Children’s Speech Development Harmed When TV On In Background

Mothers should not have the television on in the background when bringing up small children as it harms their speech development 

Parents talk less to their children if the TV is on and youngsters also speak less, American researchers have found.

A study of children and babies from two-months-old to four-years-old found that for every hour the television was on, parents said between 500 and 1,000 fewer words to their children.

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Scientists Use Own Children As Test Subjects

Scientists Use Own Children As Test Subjects 

Even before his son was born, Pawan Sinha saw unique potential.  At a birthing class, Dr. Sinha, a neuroscience professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stunned everyone, including his wife, by saying he was excited about the baby’s birth “because I really want to study him and do experiments with him.” He did, too, strapping a camera on baby Darius’s head, recording what he looked at.

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