Mutant worm created that can’t get drunk


Genetically engineered worms could ultimately lead to anti-drunk pills for humans.

A team of researchers recently made a genetic tweak to worms’ brains that made it impossible for them to get drunk. More specifically, the scientists modified the worms’ genes so that a molecular channel that binds alcohol to their brains would no longer work. And humans have a similar molecular channel.



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Can you blame your bad decisions on booze? Maybe not


Can you blame it on the booze?

Have you made a rash or regrettable decision after a few cold Coors Lights. You can blame it on the booze, right?  The University of Missouri College of Arts and Sciences sheds light on how the brain processes mistakes in the presence of alcohol in a new study.


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Beer Goggles Mystery Solved


Alcohol dulls the ablity to recognize symetrical faces.

Everyone looks better after you’ve tipped back a pint or two, and now we may know why.  It turns out that alcohol dulls our ability to recognize cockeyed, asymmetrical faces, according to researchers who tested the idea on both sober and inebriated college students in England.


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Caffeine and Alcohol Taken Together Are a Deadly Mix


Jager Bomb – Jagermeister and Red Bull

The growing popularity of mixed drinks like the “Jager Bomb” (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or “Vodka and Red Bull” can have implications on road safety, according to the study.   The field study of over 800 young drinkers by the University of Florida found that those who consumed caffeine-alcohol mixed drinks were often in a drunker state when they left the bar than those who consumed only alcohol-based drinks.


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