China is no longer the world’s most important source of growth

China’s economy is undergoing a structural slowdown.

China has been way out front as the world’s most important source of economic growth for years.  China has the world’s second largest economy and it continues to grow at a rapid clip but it is cooling as other enormous economies heat up.



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Why is ‘adult adoption’ so popular in Japan?

A majority of adoptees in Japan are men in their 20’s and 30’s.

The highest adoption rates in the world are in the United States and Japan.  But there is one big difference.  Most adoptees in the U.S. are children, in Japan kids only represent 2% of all adoptions.  Men in their 20s and 30s make up the remaining 98%, or almost 90,000 adoptees in 2008 (up from fewer than 80,000 in 2000). Why do the Japanese adopt so many adults?



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Japan’s obsession with blood types

In Japan, a person’s blood type is popularly believed to determine temperament and personality.

One thing that unites the entire human race is blood.  Most people don’t think about our blood type very much unless we need a blood transfusion.  But, in Japan, blood type has big implications for life, work and love.




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Japan will eliminate nuclear power by the 2030’s

The new energy policy calls for a wider use of renewable energy sources.

 The Japanese government’s just-released energy policy calls for the complete phase-out of nuclear power. However, the timeline is somewhat longer than many expected, with the policy saying that nuclear generation will be eliminated by the end of the 2030s, instead of at the beginning of that decade. The 20-page policy paper also lacks specific details about how the government will achieve its target.



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Japan to have space elevator by 2050

sky tree

Obayashi Corp. is building the Tokyo Sky Tree and plans to build a space elevator by 2050.

Space elevators are one of the promising technologies of the future. Now a Japanese construction firm that specializes in the very tall could make them a reality. By 2050, so still pretty far on that horizon, but it’s a start.

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Japanese spandex manufacturer makes elastic electric and USB cables


Asahi Kasei Fibers, a Japanese company which manufactures spandex and other textiles, has applied its knowledge of stretchable materials to make stretchable elastic power and USB cables.


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Bang! Lamp – You’ll shoot your light out, kid


Bang! Lamp

Bang! lamp by Bitplay is a pretty cool lighting accessory that lets you turn it on and off through a remote control that’s shaped like a gun. Pull the trigger, the light goes out and the lampshade actually tilts as if shot. It also works in reverse, though it doesn’t really make much sense that way. The gun is an IR controller and that dark band around the base of the lamp is the receiver. (Video)


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‘Noah’ capsule – Japan’s answer to the next tsunami

noahs ark 1

“Noah” capsule

When the tsunami alarm sounds and water quickly begins to rise you can escape in the “Noah” spherical earthquake and tsunami shelter. The 1.2 meter (4 feet) diameter tsunami survival capsules were designed by Japan’s Cosmo Power as floating emergency shelters capable of holding up to four adults.


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Toilet Bike Neo – a poop-powered motorcycle

toilet cycle

Toilet Bike Neo

Japan’s top commode manufacturer, TOTO, has just unveiled a crazy poop-powered motorcycle topped with a toilet.  The motorcycle, dubbed the Toilet Bike Neo, will travel across Japan to promote the company’s “Green Challenge” of reducing emissions 50% over the next five years.  The vehicle runs on biogas that is produced by an on-bike toilet, communicates in Japanese using LED lights, plays music, and talks.  A poop and ride motorcycle!


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