Veggie-Fueled Pickup Truck sets new land speed record at 155 MPH


A happy award winning Greenspeed crew.

In mid-November, the members of Greenspeed club headed to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to put their Chevy pickup truck to the test. Stripped of all aesthetics, running on a ’93 Dodge engine and burning an unorthodox fuel, it was there to challenge the land speed record for vegetable oil-powered vehicles: 109 mph. On its first run, it flew past that benchmark at 139 mph. On its second, it set the new bar even higher: 155 mph.

The journey to success was not a quick one. Dave Schenker founded the club at Boise State University with a group of undergraduates, with the intention of building the first super high-performance vehicle to successfully run on vegetable oil. He spent months raising the $125,000 from local sponsors to rebuild the old truck with the parts it would need to set a new record. He and the students spent much of the summer putting it together. They hoped to race in September, but couldn’t get everything together in time…

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The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

 The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

High-speed photography shows the shock waves produced by the rapid acceleration of the 4-stage rocket sled.

It might make the ultimate amusement park ride, if anyone could survive. Hitting hypersonic speeds of Mach 8.5–that’s 6416 mph, in civilian terms–a 4-stage rocket sled took just 6.04 seconds to blast the more than 3-mile length of track at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

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