Farm 432: A kitchen appliance that lets you breed insects for food

Farm 432 Insect Breeding device.

The Farm 432 Insect Breeding device is a self-contained black soldier fly habitat that allows the flies to breed and produce up to about a pound of larvae a week, which you will then eat. Mmmmm, black soldier fly larvae. (Photos)

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Parasitic flies attack honeybees turning them into zombies


“Zombie” fly parasite causing decline of honeybee population.

A pile of dead bees was supposed to become food for a newly captured praying mantis. Instead, the pile of bees ended up revealing a previously unrecognized suspect in colony collapse disorder a mysterious condition that for several years has been causing declines in U.S. honeybee populations, which are needed to pollinate many important crops. This new potential culprit is a bizarre and potentially devastating parasitic fly that has been taking over the bodies of honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Northern California.

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Edible Insect ‘Pic ‘n’ Mix’ Available At Theme Park

insects munch a bucket

What a classy snack to eat after a roller coaster ride!
Chocolate ant wafer biscuits, cheese and bacon flavoured crickets and chocolate covered larvae are not be among the average sweet shop’s pic ‘n’ mix selection.

But a Surrey theme park is offering the snacks – which contain real dried insects – in traditional pink and white paper bags as a trial.

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