Slackers’ brains are hard-wired to be lazy


Brain scans can show the difference between ”go-getters” and ”slackers”.

Scientists have identified neural pathways that appear to influence an individual’s willingness to work hard to earn money. Lazy people who prefer to live off others may have brains that are wired for under-achievement, according to a new study.


Top 10 Laziest States in America

couch potato

The top spot as the laziest state in the union is Tennessee

In the earliest days of the U.S., the frontier was a tough place to live. Surely more than one pioneer, upon reaching the rushing and roiling Mississippi River, turned to his wagon-mates and said, with a wave of his hand, “Yeah, this looks like a nice place to settle, let’s call it a day.”


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How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

usbmini fridge 111

With some cheap parts and a little electrical magic
you can make yourself a mini fridge

Physics, how we love you. You keep our feet on the ground, ontologically-ambiguous cats locked in boxes and photons in two places at the same time. It also enables the Peltier effect, what’s that we hear you breathlessly ask?

If a current is passed between two different materials a heat differential is created; one side hot the other cold. The principle is used in all sorts of situations including cooling processors and mini-fridges, though apparently they’re not that efficient, just small and light…

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