LG’s SnowWhite is like a Keurig for ice cream


Or at least it might be.

SXSW 2019 isn’t just about films, politicians, designers and social media founders. There are also gadgets here to check out. Enter LG’s SnowWhite, a concept machine designed to let you easily make ice cream at home. The SnowWhite is basically like a Keurig, featuring a pod-based system that allows you to choose the base and flavor for a variety of frozen desserts. That means it isn’t just limited to ice cream: You might also be able to make gelato, granita, sorbet, yogurt and more. I say “might” because LG is adamant that the SnowWhite is only a prototype right now — this is more about showing off what the company thinks it can create for your home.

That said, LG did just introduce its automated HomeBrew machine at CES 2019, so the SnowWhite could eventually become a reality. If it does, LG says you’ll be able to make ice cream, gelato or any of the other desserts listed above in two to five minutes. In addition to that, the system can clean itself and may offer both a touchscreen and physical dial for controlling its settings. Unfortunately, the SnowWhite at SXSW wasn’t a working model, which is disappointing because it would’ve been great to have a scoop in this Texas heat. But, considering the popularity of Keurigs, the SnowWhite isn’t a bad idea.

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LG’s TV at the Next Level with the Quantum Dot


A new kind of display is about to make TV images appear even more lifelike. LG will show off a TV based on quantum-dot technology at CES 2015 in January, and the company also plans to start selling it later that year.

Quantum-dot tech uses extremely tiny crystals — measuring 2 to 10 nanometers — to generate light. (That’s so small that the tiniest crystals are only about 20 atoms thick.) Different-size crystals generate different colors, and the size of the crystals can be controlled precisely. As a result, quantum-dot displays can reproduce color that’s even better and more accurate than OLED screens, the current leading tech for advanced TVs.

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LG Display Unveils 19 Inch Flexible ePaper


LG’s newspaper size ePaper

LG Display has announced its development of a newspaper-size flexible e-paper. The 19-inch wide (250x400mm) flexible e-paper is almost as big as a page of A3 sized newspaper. The product is optimized for an e-newspaper and able to convey the feeling of reading an actual newspaper. Additionally, as the product measures 0.3 millimeters thin, the e-paper weighs just 130 grams despite its 19-inch size.


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LG Debuts A Solar-Powered eBook


LG’s solar-powered e-book

If we were stuck on a desert island with only one book, this recently unveiled solar e-book would be at the top of our list! Designed by LG Display, the sleek reader features a wafer-fin photovoltaic cell that provides it with a steady stream of solar energy. Whereas most e-books run the risk of losing juice mid-sentence through your next novel, this solar reader’s omnipresent energy source makes it a winning design in our book.


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Disposable Wrist Phone

Disposable Wrist Phone 

 LG’s Wrist Phone

Having a cellphone necessarily brings with it the tough decision of where to carry the damn thing. That typically means bulging up a pocket, though at least women can often opt for tossing it in a handbag (but even that adds the rummaging-around step when you get a call). The disposable Wrist Phone makes where to put it an easy choice.

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Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG

Double Sided LCD Screen Introduced By LG 

 LG Double Sided Display

Lg is showing off thier new double sided LCD display at this years IMID 2008 conference held in Goyang City, Korea. The displays are 15″ and have a 14:1 contrast ratio. From a technical standpoint this is very impressive, these are not simply two screens attached to each other, but rather the same screen displaying an image on its front and back. Will the “two screens, one display” become a sensation or remain an oddity shown off at various industry shows? Only time and more importantly manufacturing costs will tell.

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