Switzerland rules that you must stun your food before you kill it


The culinary world isn’t lacking in controversial practices. To produce the delicacy foie gras, ducks and geese are force-fed corn, and the calves used for veal are kept virtually immobile for their entire lives. Now, Switzerland has released an order to ban another controversial cooking practice: boiling lobsters alive.

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CrustaStun To Zap Your Lobsters

CrustaStun 3241
As Humane as this Zapper is, it will be worthless when the depleted oceans are empty!

It seems that just killing a lobster (or any kind of shellfish for that matter) to eat isn’t enough; some people might want to make sure that it’s killed in a humane way, though “humane” might not be the best word to apply to a shellfish. Enter the CrustaStun system, which kills shellfish with an electric charge, so the crustacean feels “no pain or distress”.

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