Meteorite fragments help explain why living things only use molecules with specific orientations

This is an artist’s concept of excess left-hand aspartic acid created in asteroids and delivered to Earth via meteorite impacts. The line at the bottom is a chromatogram showing that left-hand aspartic acid (tall peak in the center, with diagram of left-hand aspartic acid molecule on top) was four times more abundant in the meteorite sample than right-hand aspartic acid (smaller peak to the left, with right-handed aspartic acid molecule on top). 

 Researchers analyzing meteorite fragments that fell on a frozen lake in Canada have developed an explanation for the origin of life’s handedness — why living things only use molecules with specific orientations. The work also gave the strongest evidence to date that liquid water inside an asteroid leads to a strong preference of left-handed over right-handed forms of some common protein amino acids in meteorites. The result makes the search for extraterrestrial life more challenging…

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NASA Scientist Claims to Have Discovered Alien Life in a Meteorite


Research claims fossilised bacteria from meteors appear similar to bacteria found on earth – like Titanospirillum velox.

A Nasa scientist believes he has discovered an alien life form which may explain how life on earth started and has called on any scientist worldwide to try and prove him wrong.


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Man Claims Aliens Are Pelting His Home


One of the 6 meteorites that hit the home of Radiovje Lajic
A Bosnian man whose house has been hit six times by meteorites claims aliens are targetting him. The white-hot rocks have hammered Radivoje Lajic’s house repeatedly since 2007, forcing him to reinforce the roof of his Gornji Lajici home with a steel girder.

Experts at Belgrade University have confirmed that all the rocks he has produced are meteorites, but Lajic believes their trajectory is no accident, claiming: “I am obviously being targeted by aliens…”

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Australian Scientists Find Timor Sea Meteorite Crater

TimorSeaLG 4567
Timor sea


Australian scientists have discovered a crater deep beneath the Timor Sea made during a heavy meteor storm which may have altered the Earth’s climate, the lead researcher said Thursday.

Australian National University archaeologist Andrew Glikson said seismic activity led experts to the Mount Ashmore 1B site, and a study of fragments showed a large meteorite hit just before the Earth’s temperatures plunged…


Fossils of Martian Bugs Found on Meteorite

meteorite microscope 1
A microscopic view of the rock which was found in 1996.

New evidence has made it more likely that remnants of Martian microbes were transported to Earth in a meteorite, it was revealed recently.

A study by scientists from the American space agency Nasa has found chemical signatures in the rock strongly associated with life.

The discovery strengthens the case for believing that worm-like structures in the meteorite are ‘microfossils’ of ancient Martian bugs.

Sceptics have pointed out that similar-shaped structures could be formed from non-biological processes…

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Boy Survives Being Struck By Meteorite Going 30,000 MPH

Boy Survives Being Struck By Meteorite Going 30,000 MPH

Gerrit holds the meteorite and on the back of the other the graze it left can be seen  

The odds of it happening are astronomical, but not impossible, as one schoolboy found out when he was struck by a passing meteorite.

The rock flew down from space at speeds of 30,000mph, and grazed past 14-year-old Gerrit Blank as he made his way to school.

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