U.S. cities with the biggest (and smallest) paychecks

Number 1 on the list – San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA.

Do you want to make more money? It’s easy, just move to San Jose, Houston, or Washington D.C. Well, maybe it’s not really so easy. Of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn a bigger paycheck in these cities—but it is more likely, as they’re among the highest-paying metro areas in the country.



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Brainiest cities across America


The map from Zara Matheson of the Martin Prosperity Institute maps the brainy metro index across U.S. metros.

We are often told the smartest cities and nations do the best in the knowledge economy. Smart cities typically are measured  by education level, calculating the cities or metros with the largest percentage of college grads or the largest shares of adults with advanced degrees. Others do it by charting the kinds of work people do and the occupations they hold, differentiating between knowledge or creative workers and others who do more routine manufacturing and service jobs.

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Top 20 Brainiest Cities in America


Boulder, Colorado has been rated  America’s #1 Brainiest City

Where do the biggest brainiacs in America live?  Boulder, Colorado, tops the list of America’s brainiest metros. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and was recently named by BusinessWeek as the nation’s best place for startup companies. In addition to CU, Boulder is the home of NCAR (National Center of Atmospheric Research), NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), the DaVinci Institute, the Space Science Institute, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Boulder is also home to a vibrant startup community headed up by groups like TechStars, the Boulder NewTech Meetup Group, and Startup Guru. Located next door in nearby Louisville is The Vault, the DaVinci Institute’s famed coworking space for startups.

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Russian Man Builds Own Personal Subway System


Leonid Mulyanchik single-handedly builds own subway system.

Everybody is into rail these days; it is the greenest way to get around next to a bike. Leonid Mulyanchik has been into it for years since before the Berlin Wall fell, since before the first Macintosh, building “his own private underground Metro railway system.” English-Russia says that he has been doing it with his pension, that it is all legal and approved and that he is still at it. Gizmodo calls it “inspiring, one man against all odds type of persistence, but more the obsessive, borderline insane persistence.” (Pics)


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Europe’s Biggest Oceanarium Will Be Located In Moscow

Europe’s Biggest Oceanarium Will Be Located In Moscow 

Duman Oceanarium

It is expected that the proposed enormous oceanarium in Moscow will form part of an amusement complex complete with a cinema, hotel, business center, shopping mall and many restaurants. According to news sources, the Eurasian country of Kazakhstan, which is the world’s largest landlocked country, is financing the construction of one of the new oceanarium.

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