Micro learning has a huge impact on e-learning design and development


Bite-sized learning or micro learning is an e-learning paradigm that has taken the corporate training world by storm. In a recent survey conducted by Rapid Learning Institute, nearly nine out ten L&D professionals stated that bite-sized online learning modules are their priority. The huge increase in the use of short online learning modules has resulted in major changes in world of e-learning design and development. Let us now see what they are.

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Muvi Atom Is World’s Tiniest Camcorder

dv-atom 1423


Muvi makes small, clever, little camcorders. Their previous model, the Micro DV, was considered to be the smallest camcorder available. That was of course, until the Atom came out. Measuring a tiny 1.5 inches tall, it’s the choice of hidden shower cam aficionado’s everywhere.

Ok, maybe you can convince me that there’s a legitimate use for this, but I’m having trouble figuring out what that would be. The Atom records to a microSD card, supports up to 8GB, and it’s voice activated.

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Tiny Microhabitat To Study Marine Organisms


Tiny Abode

MIT researchers have built a tiny microhabitat to study the food chain of marine microbes. The microbial ecosystem is about the size of a piece of chewing gum, or microscope slide. From the MIT News Office:

The MIT study is one of the first detailed explorations of how sea creatures so small — 500,000 can fit on the head of a pin — find food in an ocean-size environment…

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The Spy ID Card Micro Camera

The Spy Pass Card Micro Camera 

Cameras are getting so small, they could be hidden just about anywhere. Case in point: this new spy camera that’s nestled snugly inside a trade show badge. The $174 tinycam shoots video at a low-rez 352×288, and snags stills at a higher-rez 1280×1024. Once you’ve grabbed the shots you need, plug it into a PC via USB for transfer and charging.

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Micro Bubbles May Help Treat Cancer


Philips is on the verge of developing a new ultrasound-based drug delivery technology that will surely help people suffering from various types of cancers. The company is planning to introduce micro bubbles which contain drugs that treat cancerous growths. They can be tracked with the help of an ultrasound and later allowed to release the drugs the micro bubbles contain. This would help reduce the effects of chemotherapy, as the drug would be released only when the micro bubbles reach the cancerous part and the rest of the body wouldn’t be affected by the strong drugs.

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Introducing the iShow Micro Projector

 Introducing the iShow Micro Projector

Add a projector to make your iPhone complete

During his studies at H.I.T., Moti Barzilay had to design something iconic in the realm of Apple products – something he felt was missing from their lineup. He came up with the iShow. It’s a portable projector designed for Apple’s line of iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks. The clam inspired body turns on when you pull the two discs apart to expose a pico projector and ports. He doesn’t mention pixel resolution but the projection system is LED based and no you can’t use it as a Yo-Yo. (Pics)

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