Micro-scallop robots can swim through your blood, eyeballs


A micro-scallop robot is only a fraction of a millimeter in size.

Simplicity is important when designing robots on the micro or nano scale (like, small enough to fit inside your body). There just isn’t room for complex motors or actuation systems. There’s barely room for any electronics whatsoever, not to mention batteries, which is why robots that can swim inside your bloodstream or zip around your eyeballs are often driven by magnetic fields.(Video)


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Researchers Hope To Mass-Produce Microrobots On A Chip


Images of the robots showing their size proportional to various objects.

Tiny robots the size of a flea could one day be mass-produced, churned out in swarms and programmed for a variety of applications, such as surveillance, micromanufacturing, medicine, cleaning, and more. In an effort to reach this goal, a recent study has demonstrated the initial tests for fabricating microrobots on a large scale.


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