Link found between milk consumption and death: Study


The most likely culprit: lactose.

The British Medical Journal published a large study that tracked the dietary habits of over 100,000 people in Sweden. The study followed the participants for 20 years taking into account differences in lifestyle and demographics. The researchers at Uppsala University found that women who drank three or more glasses of milk per day were twice as likely to die earlier than those who drank less than one glass of milk per day; men had a slightly higher risk of dying early as well. The study also found that the more milk the women in the study drank, the more likely they were to experience bone fractures, especially hip fractures.



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Donkey’s Milk Helps You Lose Weight: Study


Study shows drinking donkey’s milk is good for you.

Cleopatra would bathe in it as part of her beauty regime.  Milk from donkeys, which was still being drunk in Victorian times, contains less fat and is more nutritious than cow’s milk.  Researchers have found that drinking donkey’s milk could be a good way to lose weight and protect your heart.

Genetically Modified Cows in China to Produce ‘Human’ Milk


Scientists have successfully created a herd of more than 200 cows that is capable of producing milk that contains the characteristics of human milk.

Details are a bit thin on this one, but my initial reaction to this is an overwhelming grossness: Researchers in China have genetically modified some 200 cows so that the milk they produce is similar to human milk.


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Milk From Organic Cattle Less Fatty Than Ordinary Milk

organic milk

Organic milk is better for your health.

Milk from organic cattle that eat a fresh grass diet is consistently better for your health, a new study claims. Researchers have found that organic milk generally contained less saturated fat and more good fatty acids than milk produced at intensive commercial dairy farms. 


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