U.S. military developing miniature drones that resemble birds and insects

drones 1

Researcher Dr Gregory Parker holds a small, winged drone that resembles an insect.

The U.S. military is developing these. innocent-looking devices that are actually some of the most sophisticated drones on the planet.   They resemble children’s toys that are left disgarded in closets around the world.  (Pics and video)


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‘Nothing is Impossible’ – World’s Smallest Engraving on the Edge of a Razor Blade

world's smallest engraving

The world’s smallest engraving by human hand has been completed on the edge of a razor blade.

Graham Short etched the motto “Nothing is impossible” which measures just a tenth of a millimetre.  The letters are invisible to the naked eye, and can only be read with a medical microscope at 400 times magnification.


Scientists Grow Miniature Human Livers in the Lab


The ultimate goal is to provide a solution to the shortage of donor livers available for patients who need transplants.

Researchers at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center have reached an early, but important, milestone in the quest to grow replacement livers in the lab. They are the first to use human liver cells to successfully engineer miniature livers that function – at least in a laboratory setting – like human livers. The next step is to see if the livers will continue to function after transplantation in an animal model.


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Is Einstein The World’s Smallest Horse?

5 einstein world smallest horse 794

Will tiny horses become the hot new craze?

Einstein is just three days old, after being born on Friday at a farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire.

It’s thought that Einstein could lay a claim to the title of the world’s lightest foal – his 6lb weight at birth being normal for a human baby, but not a horse, even a miniature breed like Einstein. (With pics and video)


Toilet Paper Tube Art

tproll art 2
Tiny art from a left over part.
Anastassia Elias is an artist who uses the rolls leftover from toilet paper as a showcase for miniature tableaus.   Above you can see children building a snowman, complete with wintry tree limbs hanging as a frame to Elias’ crafted scene.By making the inserted figures out of the same color paper as the tube, and illuminating the piece from behind, he gives a sort of life to them.  Other works depict a woman taking clothes down from a line, a classroom, a market scene, and Anastassia’s grandmother dozing in a chair…

10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art

10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art 

Miniature Art

There’s something sort of magical about miniatures, especially when they’re strikingly lifelike. The artists who create these tiny wonders look at life from a different scale than the rest of us, and their work often requires intense patience, concentration and a steady hand. From sculptures too small to be seen by the naked eye to sweaters knitted with needles the diameter of a human hair, here are 10 incredible works of amazingly tiny art. (Pics) (Video)

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Future of Computer Interface Will Revolve Around Touch

Future of Computer Interface Will Revolve Around Touch 


Earlier this week, the humble computer mouse celebrated its 40th birthday. While surprisingly little has changed since Doug Engelbart, an engineer at Stanford Research Institute, in Palo Alto, CA, first demonstrated the mouse to a skeptical crowd in San Francisco, we may have already seen a few glimpses of the future of computer interfaces. If so, over the next few years, the future of the computer interface will likely revolve around touch.

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Miniature Nuclear Plants Able to Power 20,000 Homes

Miniature Nuclear Plants Able to Power 20,000 Homes

The cost to install a mini-nuke plant is $2,500 per home

Nuclear power plants smaller than a garden shed and able to power 20,000 homes will be on sale within five years, say scientists at Los Alamos, the US government laboratory which developed the first atomic bomb.

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I-Swarm Project: Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project:  Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project

Recent discoveries of water and Earth-like soil on Mars have set imaginations running wild that human beings may one day colonize the Red Planet. However, the first inhabitants might not be human in form at all, but rather swarms of tiny robots.   Video after the jump.

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