Police in California using computers to predict future crimes


The Santa Cruz police department doesn’t utilize mutant precogs but a computer program that can predict when and where crimes will occur.

The police force in Santa Cruz, California is performing a little experiment.  They are using computer programs to predict where crimes will occur, and then sending officers to those areas before any crimes are reported, just like in Minority Report.



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iAd: Apple Can Target iPhone Users With Ads Depending on Their Location

minority Report

Apple moves a step closer to cutting edge technology seen in the movie Minority Report

Amongst all the hype surrounding Apple’s announcement last week of its latest update to the iPhone, one astonishing feature appeared to fall by the wayside.  Using the latest cutting edge technology only seen in the movie Minority Report, the phone giant has moved a step closer to producing personalised adverts for its clients.


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Introducing the “Minority Report”-Like Display


 Welcome to the next evolution of Powerpoint!

OK, so it’s not really a hologram, but it is pretty cool. This project is a combination of a number of technologies. In this video, they are using a multi touch software and combining it with the Musion Eyeliner System.

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Billboards With ‘Eyes’

Billboards With ‘Eyes’ 

Britain’s ubiquitous CCTV video surveillance network has nothing on Japan’s Orwellian nightmare in the making. One of the country’s top electronics firms, NEC, has just announced a new plasma display fitted with a tiny camera that can accurately identify a person’s age and sex in order to target them with specific advertisements.

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